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We are very excited you are considering Balanced Living Therapy for your next step in recovery.  One of our main goals is to make this process efficient and straightforward so you can begin focusing on your life as soon as possible.


It is important to know what to expect when you come to therapy. How long will therapy last? This question depends entirely on the reasons for coming to therapy, the client and our process together. For individual counseling; depending on the frequency of sessions, if it is one time per week, generally speaking this process can last between 3-6 months and on occasions 1-3 years depending on severity of symptoms. There is no right or wrong with regards to time spent in therapy. Only what is necessary for your process and depending on your goals in therapy. We will listen to you without judgment, and will collaborate to help you find a sense of hope and balance in life again!

People seek individual counseling for many reasons: depression, anxiety, grief, loss, shame, trauma, low self-esteem, difficulty handling anger, and much more. School work may seem overwhelming and assignments are turned in late, if at all. Problems at work can affect productivity and ability to sleep at night. Relationships may suffer as the pressure of unresolved problems causes increased conflict and withdrawal. Sometimes it can seem like problems have become so large in our life that we are powerless against them. In this condition we tend to lose sight of our strength and possible solutions to our issues. Counseling offers an effective way of solving problems by providing a safe, confidential environment where you can freely discuss your situation, and develop the strength and insight necessary for identifying solutions and achieving a happier life.



There are times when the burdens are so great that it seems impossible to reconcile. We believe it takes great courage to reach out and seek the advice of a therapist. We take this process very seriously as we work together with our couples. If it becomes clear that both partners will need additional support, we have several therapists in the clinic who are qualified and can either work with both equally offering support or refer to another clinician here at our clinic for individual counsel, whatever seems most appropriate.

There are several key components to a lasting relationship including: Trust, Courage, Respect, Active Listening, Validation, Honesty, Communication and Commitment to name just a few ideals that we explore together. These are some of the secrets to making a great relationship work. There are many warning signs that a couple may ignore. These signs may be helpful in guiding you in determining the time to call for therapy. They include but are not limited to the following:


-Isolation from my partner

-Lack of intimacy

-Physical or emotional infidelity

-Feeling distant

-Financial stressors

-Illness or death of a loved one causing strain on relationship

-An elderly family member; change of living arrangements

-Children leaving the home

-Change in job


It is not uncommon to hear from our couples that they had no idea things had gotten so bad. Our encouragement to you is to do all you can do to make sure you have explored all options before deciding to end your relationship. This of course may depend on your circumstances. If violence is part of the issue, it is of course important to put safety first and still make a call to seek advice and support from a professional. At times, there may be a false perception that if a couple seeks therapy, it means they are not doing well or are doomed for failure and this is the end. At Balanced Living Therapy, we disagree with this very much as we have seen amazing progress and recovery if only a person will make the call to seek help.



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